Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Flying Away

I'm sorry for neglecting you all, my darlings. I'll have plenty of stories to tell you very soon because I'm leaving my little English house for California tomorrow morning! I'm going there for my very first time and I just cannot tell you how excited I am! 

We're going to have to change from our warm little Nordic snuggle sessions while I'm away! But don't worry, I'll be hunting for any signs of Nordic life while I'm away and will give you sneaky tips on how to find it :)

I've missed you all so dearly, please tell me all about how you are doing ♥

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Natural Day - Thursday 13th February 2014

I have been lucky enough to chat with Sanah Jivani these last few days and to hear all about her wonderful movement. Please take a minute to watch this inspiring video and please join us tomorrow on Natural Day. Even if you just post a quick tweet with the above hashtag, it'll help to get Natural Day trending. 

Monday, 6 January 2014

Two Thousand and Fourteen

Happy New Year my dears. Was it sparkly and amazing? 

I spent it here:

Doing this:

And playing with this little cutie:

… who taught me the Swedish word for "snowflakes" and pulled me up on all of my bad pronunciation. The worlds teeniest teacher. 

I'm now safely back in Umeå, where the snow is hiding and it's raining every day. Soon it will be time to move here for real and I'll be posting from my new, real-life Nordic Cabin ♥